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How You Can Style Your Loc Braid-Out
A Look At 29 Different Locs Styles

A Random Style On My Locs

  By Terez Howard I was trying to mimic this style that I did on my hair some time back.  Since it was requested that I do a tutorial for it, I wanted to practice the style.  Unfortunately, I could not get my hair to cooperate.  I found it completely impossible to do the French roll style that I did before.  I have no idea what my trick was.   I ended up doing this style on my locs.  I simply rolled them and used bobby pins to secure the roll.  I hid a mass of bobby pins under my hair flower accessory.          Related Posts:A Unique Micro Locs Updo HairstyleI Won A 5K Race!A Sculpted Style
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My Microlocs Are 3 Years Old

By Terez Howard On Oct. 29, my microlocs turned 3 years old.  I still love them.  I am due for a retightening as it’s been six weeks since my last retightening.  I plan to complete my retightening next weekend since my schedule has been so busy. What I’ve learned about my hair: I’m not particularly keen on my hair without a curl, curve or wave.  It dries stiff and lifeless.  In the 3-year photos below, I took these shots right out of the shower.  You might notice droplets in my hair. My hair has grown about 3 inches over the past year.  I don’t think that’s particularly impressive, just a fact. My microlocs have just entered a stage where they’re
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Remember Kimberly? Check out her Sisterlocks now!

By Terez Howard You might remember Kimberly’s interview last year.  Check out how she’s doing now! How have you been enjoying your Sisterlocks? I absolutely LOVE my Sisterlocks.  The freedom of NOT having to “do” my hair so often is liberating!  I’m a full-time student completing my degree in music education, and hairstyling is not high on my totem pole of to-do’s. 🙂 Do you have any new developments with your hair? I haven’t had any major developments with my locs besides growth.  I did get them colored by my consultant back in December 2012.  She used the Chi color system, which worked great on my hair.  I thankfully haven’t experienced any drying or breakage. I also stopped banding around
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I Won A 5K Race!

By Terez Howard This post has nothing to do with hair.  My hair looked a real mess.  But I have a good story to share. All I wanted to do was finish today’s 5K in 29 minutes.  I wanted to beat my last race time.  I kept pace with my husband until he booked at the end and finished 12 seconds faster than me. I was surprised to run my fastest time ever, a time that I hoped to achieve in two years, and quit trying to go any faster.  I actually placed first in my age category, 26 to 39 years. Here’s a look at my 5K history: First ever 5K in Aug. 2012 – 34:54 (This one was
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A Sculpted Style For Micro Locs

By Terez Howard Personally, my favorite hair styles for my locs involve braid-outs and curls.  I’m not a big fan of my straight micro locs.  But I have been experimenting.  (Well I’ve been lazy, and I haven’t taken the time to do curls).  My straight locs help me to create great updos because I don’t lose any length I would lose with curls. So, I did a French roll on the bottom and a loose basket weave on the top.  Since my hair on the crown of my head is shorter than my hair in the back, sculpted styles tend to be very difficult.  But this one worked well.  I think it took me less than 10 minutes to achieve. 
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