By Terez Howard

On Oct. 29, my microlocs turned 3 years old.  I still love them.  I am due for a retightening as it’s been six weeks since my last retightening.  I plan to complete my retightening next weekend since my schedule has been so busy.

What I’ve learned about my hair:

I’m not particularly keen on my hair without a curl, curve or wave.  It dries stiff and lifeless.  In the 3-year photos below, I took these shots right out of the shower.  You might notice droplets in my hair.

My hair has grown about 3 inches over the past year.  I don’t think that’s particularly impressive, just a fact.

My microlocs have just entered a stage where they’re long enough to successfully achieve buns.  I’m super excited and completely obsessed with loc buns.  However, since my hair grows in layers, I still have rebellious locs that don’t like to conform to my hairstyles.

Below you can see my hair at 3 years, 2 years, 1 year and day 2.

sisterlocks natural hair   microlocs hairstyle

front 1 yr  day 2

back  back

back 1 yr  day 2 back

sisterlocks growth  

microlocs   roller set  

sisterlocks   side 2

IMG_0723   day 2 side

The braid-out is my signature hairstyle.

braid out

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