By Terez Howard

You might remember Kimberly’s interview last year.  Check out how she’s doing now!

How have you been enjoying your Sisterlocks?
I absolutely LOVE my Sisterlocks.  The freedom of NOT having to “do” my hair so often is liberating!  I’m a full-time student completing my degree in music education, and hairstyling is not high on my totem pole of to-do’s. 🙂

Do you have any new developments with your hair?
I haven’t had any major developments with my locs besides growth.  I did get them colored by my consultant back in December 2012.  She used the Chi color system, which worked great on my hair.  I thankfully haven’t experienced any drying or breakage.
I also stopped banding around May of this year.  I have SEVERAL locs with open ends, but they’re settled to the point where they don’t slip when I wash them.  I still have to band around six stubborn locs at the front of my head, but washing is pretty care-free now. 🙂

Have you had any challenges along the way?
My main challenge has been finding the time and MONEY for retightenings. As a student with a tight sche20130516_154708-1dule, it’s been hard to find time to drive 1.5 hours for a retightening, and finding a time that works with my schedule and my former consultant’s.  Fortunately, I just found a trainee who lives minutes from me with a much more flexible schedule.  She’s not as fast as my former consultant, but she still does a great job, and her price is reasonable.  I will admit, I’ve been a DIYer in between re-ti appointments, but my locs haven’t suffered because of it thankfully.

What is your current hair routine?
My current hair routine is shampooing once ever one to two weeks (as I can fit it in!), followed by conditioning while still in the shower.  I never did use the SL products and have found success with RenPure and Burt’s Bees products.  Other than occasionally using setting lotion, I shy away from many styling products.  I tie my locs up every night with a loc soc or satin bonnet.
One of your hair goals was to grow your hair long enough to style.  Your pictures show some really cute hairstyles.  Do you have favorite hairstyles, and are there other styles you would like to try?
Thanks for the kind compliment – I normally roller-set or braid my locs after washing for added volume.  I’m not a fan of air drying because my locs tend to dry flat and lifeless.  Once set, I’ll wear the curls or crinkles loose, or play with it until I find a way I like it up.  I’m looking forward to even more length so I can try a pin-up with victory rolls or a pompadour.  I am still extremely tender-headed, so most of my pin-up styles don’t make it through an entire day b/c the bobby pins and tension are painful.  Starting with a set gives me a chance to have multiple styles from one wash.
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