By Terez Howard

This post has nothing to do with hair.  My hair looked a real mess.  But I have a good story to share.

All I wanted to do was finish today’s 5K in 29 minutes.  I wanted to beat my last race time.  I kept pace with my husband until he booked at the end and finished 12 seconds faster than me.

I was surprised to run my fastest time ever, a time that I hoped to achieve in two years, and quit trying to go any faster.  I actually placed first in my age category, 26 to 39 years.

Here’s a look at my 5K history:

First ever 5K in Aug. 2012 – 34:54 (This one was in 94 degree heat).

Second 5K in Sept. 2012 – 31:something (Can’t remember because I was sick).

Third 5K in Sept. 2013 – 30:40

Fourth 5K today – 27:42

I was super excited!

1st place 5K winner


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