By Terez Howard

I visit a Sisterlocks consultant (not my original consultant) once a year to have my hair checked.  I want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly and that there isn’t any hidden or lurking damage.  I went back in July, and my micro locs checked out with flying colors.  However, this particular visit revealed a few things that I should have learned at my Sisterlocks re-tightening class nearly two years ago and DIDN’T!

1. You re-tighten backwards!

As I relaxed in this consultant’s chair and she made her way to the top of my head, I noticed something strange.  I felt her inserting the Sisterlocks tool in the opposite direction that I do.  I felt her do this repeatedly.  Then I looked at the hands of her clock and compared that to my head.  (The turns are based on the face of a clock).  I felt her insert in the opposite direction again and again.  I stared again at her clock and realized that the way I felt her going made complete sense.  I remembered back to my re-tightening class, recalling that I was taught in an entirely different manner.

I couldn’t stand it another moment.  I asked her, “For the right side of my head, which way do the turns go?”  She explained.  (Of course, I cannot reveal that mystery to you.  Sisterlocks re-tightening class secrecy.)  She looked at me sternly and asked how I had been doing it.  I told her.  “You have been doing the front of your hair backwards for two years!” she said.

2. Hold the tool the other way.  It just makes sense.

I mentioned to this consultant on the same occasion that I still tend to snag my hair on the Sisterlocks tool.  She told me to position the tool in the direction opposite to the way I was told.  With a confused look on her face, she asked, “How were you told to hold it?”  I told her, and we talked about how the other way, her way, makes much more sense.  It makes it difficult to snag the hair.  This way, according to this consultant, is the proper way to hold it, the way I should’ve been taught.

3. You should have re-tightened the back.

At a previous visit with this same Sisterlocks consultant, she was surprised to learn that I was never asked to re-tighten any of my locs in the back.  I did a couple on each side and was lectured that if I kept doing them the way I did, my locs would get holes and break off.  I was extremely discouraged.  This current consultant said that I should have been invited tosisterlocks retightening do some locs in the back.  But instead, I got a quick explanation of what to do and felt hurried out of the salon.

What I have learned

While I have been very disappointed by the Sisterlocks brand, this one consultant opened my eyes and helped me in several ways.  Had I been with her from the beginning, I am pretty certain I would not have had all of the issues that I did, including the ones with my re-tightening video.  She thoroughly explains things to me, and I believe she would have made me aware of what I could and could not do with the information I gained.

I know that Sisterlocks is meant to allow women to wear their natural hair in a beautiful way.  I am very happy to have micro sized locs and to have learned how to do my hair.  I appreciate that Dr. Cornwell made this form of locking hair available.  But like anything else, it’s not perfect.

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