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Where To Get The Sisterlocks Clip Tool

By Terez Howard

The No. 1 question that I have received since I launched my blog two years ago has been:

Where can I get the Sisterlocks clip tool?

You have to take the Sisterlocks Re-tightening Class or take the Sisterlocks Consultant Training Class to get the Sisterlocks clip tool.

Can I purchase the tool on its own anywhere?

No.  You have to take the Re-tightening Class or Consultant Training.

What can I do if I want to learn to re-tighten my hair, but I don’t want to take the classes?

You have to do your homework.  I personally recommend Youtube.  One of my favorite DIY-ers is Dynamic Runner.  She made a paper clip tool and retightens her hair with it.  She went from having Sisterlocks to combining to combining again to loose natural hair to currently having braidlocks.  I highly recommend you check out her blog.

Another great Youtube video is by Nubian Locked Princess, who describes how to do a 3-point rotation.  I will tell you that what describes is extraordinarily similar to how I retighten my micro locs.  A 3-point rotation is good for loosely curled hair.  But my loose natural hair is only moderately dense.  So, that is something to consider.  In her video, she used a homemade tool out of a yarn needle.  She has a video that shows how to make one.sisterlocks tool

Nubian Locked Princess has a post that describes a couple other interlocking patterns.  In the first, she talks about one pattern being used for tightly curled hair.  In the second one, the reverse pattern is used for excessive slippage.

An ex-Sisterlocks consultant came up with Nappylocs, a more affordable way to retighten locs using interlocking patterns based on your hair type.  Several individuals with Sisterlocks, micro locs as well as traditional locs use the Nappylocs tool to maintain their locs.  If you purchase the kit, you will get instructions on how to use the tool for your locs.  I have not personally purchased the kit.

However, I have purchased the Nappylocs tool.  Because I took the Retightening Class, I didn’t need the instructions contained in the kit.  But Nubian Locked Princess’ video explains how to start and tighten locs with the Nappylocs tool.  So, if you don’t want to buy the Nappylocs kit, check out her video.

Are there any other videos or resources that you want to share to help other DIYers maintain their locs?

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