By Terez Howard

The folks at Qoileez! have so graciously sent me their accessory to review.  The unique aspect about them is that they are not limited to be exclusively used in hair.

According to their site, Qoileez! which are made out of stretchy plastic, can be put in your hair, added to a pencil or even put on the rim of a pair of glasses.  The possibilities are endless.  I personally strung a few of my micro locs through them to add a little pizzazz to my hair.  Even though I have mqoileez 3edium-sized Sisterlocks, I couldn’t get away with a Qoileez! being around just one loc.  It would definitely fall out.  So those with smaller sized locs should either put more than one through or make a braid or twist to ensure they are tightly secured.

For my little girl, Qoileez! decorated her cornrows, a perfect little style for her days at summer camp.  She never complained about them bothering her but was happy as we changed them up each day to match her outfits.  They were a hit!  The little ladybugs were our favorite.

Qoileez! stretchy plastic almost has a rubbery feel, and they are soft at their ends.  So there is no possibility of snagging or tearing hair.  The swirly design makes them very easy to attach to hair, no matter what hair type you have.

I spent a while trying to squeeze hair through a Qoileez! just as you would put a bead through a loc.  But then I realized they were designed to swirl around hair like a spiral staircase.  Quick and easy – that’s what I liked!

Qoileez! are recommended for those 3 and older.

So if you are interested in snagging some free Qoileez!, head over to Qoileez! Facebook fanpage and like them.  Then, leave a comment here, telling me how you would use your Qoileez!  A random winner will receive three packs of Qoileez!

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