And Length Updates

By Terez Howard

Although the Sisterlocks tool has been my retightening tool of choice, I have used a homemade paperclip tool on two locs for the past year.  The point?  To see if those microlocs looked differently than my others.

When I took the retightening class, I was under the impression that I had to do everything the “Sisterlocks way” or else my hair would no longer look like Sisterlocks.  I was actually afraid that my locs would get weak and break off.  Even though I had no sound basis for this reasoning, that’s the way that I felt.  The consultant made me feel like if I made one wrong move, my locs would not survive.

I was curious to know if the two locs retightened with the paperclip tool would be larger or have a different look than the ones retightened with the Sisterlocks tool.

The verdict

My paperclip-retightened microlocs look just like all of the other ones.  There is no difference in size or anything else.  Those two locs look just like all of my other locs.

I picked up the Nappylocs tool again to see if it would work better on locs with thicker ends.  The larger ends make it difficult to attach the Sisterlocks tool, so I thought that the wider opening on the Nappylocs tool would help.  But I still found that I cannot keep the Nappylocs tool attached to my ends.  I’m not sure if I’m missing something or what.  I can get locs retightened with it; however, it is cumbersome because of constantly having to reattach it.  If someone has any suggestions, please comment!

You can see my paperclip-retightened microlocs in the video below.

Length Updates:

I wanted to show what my microlocs looked like without any curls.  So after I shampooed, these photos were taken.  I am nearly at 2 1/2 years.

sisterlocks  sisterlocks length

length check  natural hair

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