By Terez Howard

Islande Emman is a Canadian loctician who has been working in natural hair for 22 years.  To give her customers more pizzazz, she decided to create loc jewelry.  Fashionbella Jewelry is the name of her Etsy shop.  Her creative designs really wowed me.  I would describe her jewelry as creative, artsy pieces with an African tribal touch.  They range from gold and silver designs with cowry shells, beads, jewels and pendants.  One of my favorites have silver lips hanging from them.

Islande so graciously sent me a piece of jewelry that had a pink cowry shell and gold accents.  In two week’s time, I’ve already worn it several times.  I use my daughter’s hair beader I got on Amazon (affiliate ad) to get the jewelry onto my locs.  To say the least, it’s gorgeous!  It gives the flair I wanted for my micro locs.

I interviewed Islande to learn a little more about her unique jewelry.


Please tell us a little about yourself and Fashionbella Jewelry.loc jewelry 2

Fashionbella started in February on Etsy.  I never took any class of jewelry, and I learned everything by myself.  Initially, I was doing jewelry as a hobby, and five months later, I started selling my jewelry.  My first idea was to only sell locs jewelry, but after that, I decided to explore and expand my jewelries.  I really like the fact that I am now a jewelry designer.  I am a very creative person, and when I do my locs jewelry, I want to have nice and unique design.  I started selling to my hair customers first because I specialize in natural hair, and I do a lot of locs.  The response was unanimous, and that was my motivation to sell online.  I am from Canada, and most of my customer are from the states.  But my first locs jewelry order was from Australia.  I am amazed that my jewelry is sold internationally.

I know some lockers worry about loc jewelry bleeding into their locs.  What kinds of materials do you use in making your jewelry?

The material I use for my locs jewelry are craft wire.  I also use seed beads, cowry shells, pendants of different shapes and crystals.  I ask most of my customers if everything is all right with the contact of the locs jewelry on their locs, and they all tell me everything is OK.  For me, it’s important to have feed back of the material.  I want to make sure my customers are satisfied with the product.loc jewelry

How should the jewelry be cared for?

The way my customers should take care of their locs jewelry is to place it either in a jewelry bag or in a small box, and every time they take a shower, the locs jewelry should not be in contact with the water.  Some of my customer leave it on all the time, but I always advise them not to, especially if they want to keep it for a long time.

What types of natural hair can wear your jewelry?

Any type of hair can have locs jewelry, I have Caucasian customers, and they do a little braid and put it on.  It’s a nice accessory.  For example, when I do a hairstyle for my customers, I can put the locs jewelry into a bun easily.  There are so many ways to accessorize hair with the locs jewelry.

How can we get our hands on your creative jewelry?

I also personalize locs jewelry, which means if I do a locs jewelry in silver, I can do it in gold on demand.  If the person has smaller locs (Sisterlocks) or very big locs, I can do locs jewelry for those sizes on demand.  I also do locs jewelry for kids, but to my surprise, adults like to order it for themselves, and that’s great.  Sometimes I target a clientele for my jewelries, and it’s another one that wants it.  I find that great.  I am very open to give beautiful jewelry to my customers and especially good customer service.  That’s very important.  My locs jewelry is available at

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