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A Unique Micro Locs Updo Hairstyle

By Terez Howard

My inspiration for this locs updo was this picture.  I quickly found out that my hair was much too short to reproduce the hair style that made me drool.  So, I did my own rendition of it.  I used large roller pins (which can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for a couple bucks) and some regular bobby pins.  I rolled a section of micro locs under my finger and secured the section with a roller pin.  I hid my swooping bangs’ bobby pins with a homemade flower accessory.

The real challenge for this updo was getting my multiple lengths tucked neatly into a roll.  I think I will try this style again after I get more length because I was very frustrated with locs poking out.



unique locs updo  my micro locs

sisterlocks style  locs updo

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