By Terez Howard

I didn’t think it could be done.  It took me nearly an hour to accomplish, but I did it.  I managed to get all of my micro locs into one giant loc roll.  I thought for sure that my hair was long enough to do this hair style with ease.  However, if any of you ladies out there are like me, your locs are not one beautiful even length.  My hair grows in layers and was trimmed into its natural layers back in September.  Those short locs at the crown of my head gave me the most problems.

To remedy my issues with those short locs, I rolled until the short locs started sticking out and started pinning my hair down with bobby pins.  Then, I started rolling some more and pinning.  I rolled and pinned and rolled and pinned.  I tucked loose, short locs and pinned random, rebellious locs.  I used at least a dozen bobby pins.

The flower was the key to hiding the majority of my pins.  Underneath it, you will find a host of crazy bobby pins and possibly some loose locs.  The flower camouflaged my mistakes.

I don’t think I will be doing this particular hair style any time soon.  I think once those short locs grow out more, I will give it another go.

loc roll  sisterlocks updo

french roll  micro locs roll

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