By Terez Howard

I love braid-outs! A braid-out can be a style on its own or can be the base of another hair style.  I particularly like braid-outs because the tighter I braid and the more braids I put in my micro locs, the longer the curls last.

How I do a braid-out:  I put about 20 braids in my hair on damp, freshly washed hair and secure the ends with rubber bands.  I leave the braids in overnight and unravel for a curly braid out.

This time, I also included three small flat twists along the temple region of each side of my head.  I pinned up the top for a curly pompadour and left the back out.  I accessorized my style with a homemade flower accessory, which was made with fabric and hot glue!

My braid-outs tend to last until my next shampooing.  I wash my hair once per week.  So, I can count on my curls staying in for the week.



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