You all probably remember Jacqui.  I interviewed her regarding her one-year Sisterlocks anniversary. We had a request to see her styles larger and for how-to advice.

Jacqui was so kind to share tutorials of her gorgeous hair styles.  Thanks so much!  Your styles look great.

Bantu bangs with two French rolls
I sectioned out a bang and put about six to eight Bantu knots.  I lightly spritzed my hair with water and let it dry overnight.  I divided the rest of my hair into two sections.  Starting from the base of hair at neckline, I French rolled each section using pins to secure in place.  Once I finished both sides, I took Bantu knots loose and gently finger combed them.



bantu knot out   


Roaring 20s Throwback
I rolled my hair with the Lock Loops and did a light water spritz to set.  I wasn’t sure if my curls would hold until that night (my b-day), so I began pulling the sides up and pinning the curls down.  I ended up pinning them like a “banana” hair clip so that it was like a curly, very controlled Mohawk with faux bangs.  That’s the best I could describe that one. LOL. Total experiment that I ended up liking.

lock loops 

Flat twists/basket weave ponytail
I fell into this hairstyle trying to stay cool for the summer.  I split the front section of my hair into four sections and flat twisted in the direction of a ponytail.  The back is a simple basket weave I saw Terez do on her 28-day style challenge.  I use it a lot!  I left the ends loose on the flat twists and basket weave, creating a faux ponytail.

flat twists     

Large basket weave updo
I LOVE basket weaves. You can change the look simply by using more or less hair. I used large sections of hair to achieve this look. I weaved the front until it reached from ear to ear.  Then I started at the back weaving until I reached my ear. I just let the hair left in the middle drape. Sorry I didn’t get a back head shot, but you get the idea.

basket weave locs   

Slide sweep bang with donut bun
I was so excited I could pull all my hair into a bun!  I pulled the bang to the side and pinned it.  I gathered the rest of my hair into a ponytail and pinned the excess hair using another scrunchie to give it a donut effect.

sisterlocks bun   


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