By Terez Howard

I always thought I wouldn’t be that girl… you know, the girl who was obsessed with her micro locs on day one and year one.  But as time passed, she stopped noticing her hair so much.  Well, I thought that I had been paying very close attention to my hair.  But just today, I looked in the mirror and ran my fingers down my micro locs, noticing those fat, chunky ends were nearly nonexistent.

There are still some ends that need to condense.  For the most part, though, my locs have transformed.  They are nearly all closed and are basically the same thickness from root to tip.  At 21 months old, even though I didn’t discover the change until today, I have noticed that I haven’t minded washing and wearing my hair.  When the ends were thick, I felt self-conscious about how it looked and longed for a braid-out or pipe cleaner curls.  This past week, I washed my hair and immediately ran out to run errands, proud of my micro locs.  I suppose that was a sign that the ugly stage had passed.

Farewell, ugly stage.  I will not miss thee.

thick ends

  Chunky ends

micro locs

No more chunky ends now!


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