By Terez Howard

Dee e-mailed me the following:

“I really enjoy your blog. I have had my Sisterlocks for two months and am about a week away from my second retightening. So far, I haven’t experienced very much spillage; however, my hair is so fuzzy that I feel like I am sporting a short afro instead of locs. At my initial install, I had 4 inches of hair and may have about 5 now, so they are still relatively short. Is this something you experienced? Are you aware if any remedies or styling options that will help? I want  totrim the frizzy parts off but I know my loctician will hit the riot! Any suggestions.”

I wrote back:

“Do not trim those fuzzies!  Let your locs grow and mature some before you trim.

“I felt that my hair looked similar to the way your describing in the beginning, too!  Actually, my hair looked like a tiny loc with fro ends.  I thought it was kind-of awful.  I don’t think that time lasted long for me.  After a month or so, that period was over.  I fell in love with headbands and scarves (used as headbands) during that time frame.  I thought my hair sometimes looked like a loose natural, and I didn’t mind my locs looking like a little fro.

“I assume you braid and band since your locs are babies.  I liked to braid tightly when I did my braiding and banding and let my hair dry thoroughly before unraveling.  That gave my hair a nice braid-out texture.”

Check out how nicely Dee’s locs are progressing.  In my opinion, her hair looks gorgeous!  The first pic on the left is day one, and the second pic on the right shows month two.

      After 2nd retightening



Above you can see Dee (from left) at day one, month one and month two.

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