By Terez Howard

Kimberley e-mailed me back in January to compliment me on my locs.  Since she was attending college in Ohio (and I live in Ohio), she wanted to know the consultant who did my hair.  She found that consultant and started her journey.  Here is her story:

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Kimberley and I’m originally from Houston, TX but attending school in Wilberforce, OH.

How long have you been natural, and why did you go natural?

My last perm was in October of 2004, and I started wearing my loose natural hair in May of 2008.  I decided to go natural for two reasons:
1. I have a VERY sensitive scalp that was getting progressively worse with age.
2. I have what I consider thin, fine hair that would grow then break repeatedly, only reaching longer lengths temporarily, just to break off soon thereafter.
Between the two, I couldn’t rationalize continuing to pay to have my scalp burned and my hair damaged!

Why did you decide to get Sisterlocks, and when did you get them installed?

I honestly don’t remember the first time learned of Sisterlocks.  I imagine it was during my transition period of growing out my permed hair that I saw pictures, all the way back in 2007 and 2008.  I was convinced at the time that any type of “locking” process was too permanent for me; I wanted the freedom of styling my loose hair.

Fast-forward four years later.  My hair was between 7-10″, depending on where you checked.  I was spending upwards of 6 hours to wash and twist it, and that was a GOOD day.  I began to resent my natural hair and the time it took to take care of it.  I came across pictures and videos of Sisterlocks and knew that I wanted them SOMEDAY, but thought they were out of reach due to the average price and my “college student bank account!” I figured I’d have to wait until I graduated and had enough money to afford it. It wasn’t until one day in January, while lamenting to a friend about the time it was gong to take me to do my hair (AGAIN), when it dawned on me that I actually COULD afford to get Sisterlocks due to a generous tax return and financial aid refund! 🙂

My SL were installed on Monday, February 20, 2012.  It took approximately 15 hours, and I’ve NEVER LOOKED BACK!!!  My loctician, whom I met thanks to your helpful blog, has been amazing. She cut my hair down to about 5 inches around because my ends were severely broken. PSA: I know we naturals are professional DIYers, but we’re not really professionals!  I recommend seeing a profesisonal every 3-6 months to get your ends trimmed so you don’t end up like me!  I wasn’t too heartbroken, though, because many SL locticians charge by the inch, and I wasn’t trying to spend ALL of my money on my hair! 🙂

What do you love about your Sisterlocks?

I think it goes without saying that what I love most about my hair is my new found FREEDOM!!!  I actually have my Saturday nights to be social, study, or just chill out because I don’t have to block off ridiculous amounts to time to twist my hair.  I literally get up in the morning, wet my hands and run them through my hair a few times, and go about my day.  THAT’S IT!!!

What are you hair goals?

My hair goals are to grow my hair long enough to do cute styles.  My locs are still settling, so I don’t style them AT ALL.  I thought that would get old, but honestly my hair is too short to do much else, so I’ll deal. I’ve noticed in the past two months that it’s gotten fuller and grown quite a bit.

Any last thoughts?

I would recommend Sisterlocks to anyone who wants the freedom of styling coupled with the ease of not having to spend HOURS to do it.  This style is truly a Godsend, and I’m a believer!


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