By Terez Howard

I have had micro locs for 18 months.  My hair has officially entered “the ugly stage.”  You might remember that a Sisterlocks trainee told me that I had bypassed that stage.  Not true.

I have chunky, thick, wildly intertwining ends.  Although it is called “the ugly stage,” my husband told me there is nothing ugly about my hair.  I mostly feel entirely excited to see my locs making changes toward maturity.  At times, I get that, “What am I going to do with my hair today?” feeling.  It quickly subsides when I whip up a style that restores my confidence.

What I am learning about my hair

locs ends

Chunky ends

It takes what feels like an eternity to lock hair!  Some lockers experience “the ugly stage,” or teenage locs, one month in.  It’s taken me more than a year!  When mature lockers talk about patience, they mean it!

Once a week shampooings work well for me.  I have found the need to rinse one time in between that 7 days when I use oil on my scalp.  The oil in the product I’ve tried does calm down my dry, flaky scalp but also produces terrible itching.  I plan to do a hot oil treatment on my scalp and promptly rinse it to see if that gets rid of the flakes without any itching.

What I have learned about retightening

I did my fifth retightening near the end of last month.  I washed my hair and retightened my locs over the course of 3 days in a very fuzzy state.  I noticed that I snagged more loose hairs than usual.  The reason?  I always do my retightenings on a braid out.  The locs compress from the braids, and loose hairs are smashed down to a degree, making me less prone to snag fuzzy hairs with that Sisterlocks tool.

Because my hair is so fuzzy and thick in this locking stage, I have decided that braid outs are a must for retightenings.

The photos of me in pink show my hair right after I retightened.  The photos of me in blue show my hair after I did a roller set a few days later.  You can see how the roller set gives my hair a little stretch.

micro locs 18 months   micro locs roller set

18 month locs   growing locs



I feel like I’ve come a long way!

day 2 sisterlocks

Day 2



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