By Terez Howard

Since my first Sisterlocks retightening video was shut down, I decided to create another video.  I call this Part II, but in actuality, it is Part III.  I recorded a video that went through all of the products I received in the Retightening Class, and I ranted about how I wanted to research retightening micro locs.

Instead of publishing that video, I went right on to publishing the video that showcases what I learned from other vloggers and bloggers, DIY-ers and professionals alike.

The paper clip tool

Dynamic Runner showed how she made a paper clip tool to retighten her traditional locs.

To make a paper clip tool, you unravel a paper clip until it is straight.  Then, bend it in half.  Lastly, secure the end with masking tape.

I decided to retighten two of my micro locs with the paper clip tool to see if they mature any differently than the ones maintained with the Sisterlocks tool.  What I like about this tool is that there is nothing to snag and catch stray hairs.  What I don’t like is that I feel like I retighten backwards because the Sisterlocks tool works just like the Nappylocs tool.  Check out Gagurl8 to get an idea of what I mean.

Deciphering patterns

Nubian Locked Princess broke down what all of these patterns are about.  She talks about three locking patterns, the first two being commonly used and the last as uncommon.  She explains that each patterns is described by the face of a clock.  The numbers represent the point of entry.  Here is how she explains interlocking patterns:

  1. Pattern 4 goes 9, 6, 3, 12 and is used for tightly curled hair.
  2. Pattern 3 goes 9, 6, 9, 12 and is used for loosely curled hair.
  3. The reverse 4 pattern goes 3, 6, 9, 12 and is used for excessive slippage.

I have a 3 pattern.  But I don’t follow the 3 that Nubian Locked Princess outlines.  Here comes some Sisterlocks mystery.  I cannot divulge the direction that I go because according to the Sisterlocks Training Supervisor that ordered me to shut down my first video, this information violated the agreement I signed.

Two helpful hintspaper clip retightening tool

Gagurl8 mentioned that you always end on 12 to make the locs lie down.  I also noticed that Nubian Locked Princess also ends all of her interlocking patterns on 12.  She explains how to make the hair lie down on 12 in her video.

That same video also mentions that you must push up on the tool to prevent holes from forming in the locs.  Pushing up means that you stretch the hair away from the scalp before you send the tool through the loc.

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