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How You Can Style Your Loc Braid-Out
A Look At 29 Different Locs Styles

Day 25: A Chesca-inspired Side Tail

By Terez Howard Chescalocs‘ Youtube channel is one of my favorites.  She has several very creative hair styles for locs.  I was inspired by her French braid side pony tail, shown here. I did mine a little differently.  When I tried to make the French braid go all of the way across the bottom portion of my hair, it got very sloppy because my micro locs are so short.  So, I stopped when the braid got messy. I wore another homemade flower accessory, which acts to hide some of the locs that actually don’t reach to the pony tail.  A functional and lovely accessory, this flower had to be taken apart completely.  I was nervous that it wouldn’t reassemble nicely
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Day 24: Flat Twist Side Swoop Loc Style With A Super Simple, Homemade Accessory

By Terez Howard A couple flat twists jazz up the shortest of locs.  This loc style also features a homemade button bobby pin.  I made some button bobby pin accessories before, but this one takes the cake on simplicity. To make this button accessory: Find a button in your extra button supply that has a loop on it.  (I realized that button I found is an extra to the jacket I wore with my pipe cleaner curls).  Stick the bobby pin through the loop, and position it in your hair to your liking. My swoop bangs kept falling in my eyes, so I used my button bobby pin to keep the swoop in place and keep those locs from driving
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Day 23: A Roller Set Hair Style On Micro Locs

By Terez Howard The first roller set I ever did was back in October.  I included it in my 1 year Sisterlocks journey video.  I use snap-on magnetic rollers for my sets.  (Check out my video to see which ones).  I have only done roller sets a few other times since that first time in October because the style really only lasts for one day.  By tomorrow, the curls will have fallen. So why did I do a style that I knew wouldn’t last?  Because I will get to work with straight micro locs.  I usually wear my hair curly or crinkly, and I noticed that my hair was mostly in a curly or crinkly state during this challenge.  Those
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Day 22: My Rendition Of The Waterfall Braid

By Terez Howard I have Kreyola’s Locks Blog to thank for this hair style.  I had never heard of a waterfall braid before her blog, and I had to try out.  (Sidenote: Please check out Kreyola’s blog.  She has a variety of unique hair styles and helpful information). Instead of letting my waterfall braid locs hang, I braided the two waterfalls and pinned them up into a circular design.  I think this hair style can be done on very short locs.  You just need enough length to do a French braid. Related Posts:Day 26: A Very Bohemian Hair Style For LocsDay 18: Swirly Barrel Twists With My Bantu Knot OutStep By Step Instructions For Creating Braid Hair Styles On Natural
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Day 21: Bun Over Bun Style With A Homemade Loc Charm That Took 2 Minutes To Make!

By Terez Howard During my 29 Styles Challenge, I have experimented with making several different types of accessories.  I have made a couple loc ties, some flower accessories and button bobby pins.  I purchased a necklace charm at Wal-Mart for $1, and I intended to make it into a loc tie like my others.  A couple days ago, I realized that I could make an even easier loc tie than the ones I made previously. To make a loc charm: String elastic cording through the part of the charm where you would make it into a necklace.  Knot it a couple times, and you’ve got a loc hair tie charm.  It literally took me 2 minutes to make. My homemade
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