By Terez Howard

Today is the last day of the 29 Styles, 29 Days, $29 Challenge.  I managed to successfully do a different hair style every single day this month. 29 styles

The most challenging part of the challenge?  Changing hair styles when I discovered one that I really liked.  I did a couple hair styles that I had never tried before, and I wanted to keep them for longer than just one day.  It was most challenging to take them down, and do something different the next day.

This challenge has not made me tire of styling my hair.  I am very excited to try more intricate hair styling.  That’s what I tried today.  (I plan on keeping this one a few days!)  I rocked the first loc hair tie that I made in the challenge.

twist locs hair style  flat twists locs


locs style  sisterlocks style

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