By Terez Howard

I didn’t think that faux bangs could be achieved with my short micro locs.  I was wrong.  A simple twist and a few bobby pins made my faux bangs possible.  To hide the locs that were sticking up from the bangs, I did a basket weave.  To make the locs that were sticking up from the basket weave blend with the rest of my hair, I put a French roll in the back.

I truly had no idea what was going to become of my hair today.  That’s why I encourage you to start experimenting with your hair.  Make it up as you go.  You might discover a style that you love.

Tomorrow is the last day of my 29 Styles Challenge.  In case you missed any of my different styles from this month, click on the 29 Styles Challenge link at the right.

Remember, one of my challenge rules said that successfully completing the challenge meant a surprise.  Check back here tomorrow to see what that’s all about!

basket weave

faux bangs

creative locs hair style

french roll locs

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