By Terez Howard

I started out with one idea when I began to do my hair this morning and ended up with a different natural hair style.  I knew that I wanted flat twists on the sides of my head to join together to make a center pony tail.  However, my short micro locs made that pony tail look like crazy spikes were protruding from my crown.  Instead, I created an inverted French roll so that they would lay down.

Since the weather here in the Midwest is getting warmer (at least for today), I wore an accessory that kept my ears warm but didn’t leave me sweltering under a hat.  I got my creme, flower headband from Payless on sale for $5.  This headband would also be great to make a full pony tail.



flat twists  locs style


french twist  unique locs hair style


micro locs roll  sisterlocks hair style


flower headband

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