By Terez Howard

Chescalocs‘ Youtube channel is one of my favorites.  She has several very creative hair styles for locs.  I was inspired by her French braid side pony tail, shown here.

I did mine a little differently.  When I tried to make the French braid go all of the way across the bottom portion of my hair, it got very sloppy because my micro locs are so short.  So, I stopped when the braid got messy.

I wore another homemade flower accessory, which acts to hide some of the locs that actually don’t reach to the pony tail.  A functional and lovely accessory, this flower had to be taken apart completely.  I was nervous that it wouldn’t reassemble nicely because it looked like a mess when I took it apart.  I hot glued sections of petals as well as individual petals.

My advice when making a homemade flower hair accessory: Do not be afraid to pull the flower apart.  You can make it beautiful with hot glue!

chesca side tail

side braid

micro locs hair style

pony tail

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