By Terez Howard

A couple flat twists jazz up the shortest of locs.  This loc style also features a homemade button bobby pin.  I made some button bobby pin accessories before, but this one takes the cake on simplicity.

To make this button accessory: Find a button in your extra button supply that has a loop on it.  (I realized that button I found is an extra to the jacket I wore with my pipe cleaner curls).  Stick the bobby pin through the loop, and position it in your hair to your liking.

My swoop bangs kept falling in my eyes, so I used my button bobby pin to keep the swoop in place and keep those locs from driving me crazy.

Also, I wanted to draw your attention to my earrings.  Can you guess what they once were?  Shower curtain rings!  Donna Davis at Sew and So refused to throw them out after her shower curtain had to go.  She made them into what I think are the most creative, interesting earrings ever.

loc style

flat twists

swwop bang hair style

button bobby pinbobby pin accessories

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