By Terez Howard

The first roller set I ever did was back in October.  I included it in my 1 year Sisterlocks journey video.  I use snap-on magnetic rollers for my sets.  (Check out my video to see which ones).  I have only done roller sets a few other times since that first time in October because the style really only lasts for one day.  By tomorrow, the curls will have fallen.

So why did I do a style that I knew wouldn’t last?  Because I will get to work with straight micro locs.  I usually wear my hair curly or crinkly, and I noticed that my hair was mostly in a curly or crinkly state during this challenge.  Those textures are generally my favorites.

During the last week of the challenge, I will work with fallen curls, which will be more challenging for me than the rest of the month.

roller set locs

roller set sisterlocks

locs growth comparison

Roller set today

roller set growth comparison

Roller set in October 2011

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