By Terez Howard

It took all my might to try a loc mohawk, or loc hawk, as lockers call them.  I’m not usually a fan of the loc hawk.  But, I am now!  I saw vlogger Prettipoison27‘s curly loc hawk on Youtube, and she had done a loc hawk in a way that I really liked.  She did her loc mohawk on a Bantu knot out, and I thought there was no better time for me to give it a try since I had recently released my Bantu knots.

I pinned the sides with bobby pins to create the loc mohawk hair style.  I added a few homemade accessories, two button bobby pins.  Do you have a pile of extra buttons?  I do.  I think I don’t even have the clothes that go with a lot of the buttons.

Similar to how I make a flower accessory, I attached buttons to bobby pins.  Check out my flower accessory video and use a button, instead of a flower, and a bobby pin, instead of an alligator clip.  Decorating bobby pins this way is super cheap and extremely easy!

loc mohawk hair style

homemade button bobby pins

loc hawk style

bantu knot out style

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