By Terez Howard

A side pony tail can be difficult style for short locs.  With this hairdo, I made a side pony tail on my curly locs by dividing my hair into an upper half and a lower half.  I pulled the lower half of my locs in a side pony tail.  I pinned the top right portion of the upper  half down with a few bobby pins.  Then, I incorporated part of the upper half into the side pony tail.

My flower accessory cost $1.39 from JoAnne’s.  I noticed that flower accessories can cost as much as $10, especially the large ones.  Being the thrifty individual I am, I took a stroll through JoAnne’s and noticed all of the available flowers.

The one I’m wearing had a clasp attached to it, but it had pointy teeth that stuck to my locs and ripped out my hair.  So, I pulled that thing off as well as yanked the plastic backing of the flower off.  This made the flower fall apart a little.  I used hot glue to reattach it.  Then, I hot glued a leaf from some other fake flowers I had around an alligator clip.  I then glued the leaf portion that was attached to the clip to the flower, using super glue.  (The hot glue would not hold it).

That’s how I made my flower clip for nearly 90 percent the cost of ones you can get pre-made!

side pony tail locs

short locs

curly locs

homemade flower clip

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