By Terez Howard

Pipe cleaner curls were the one natural hair style that I’ve wanted to do on my micro locs from the very beginning.  I was amazed at how gorgeous long and short, thick and thin locs alike looked.  I used 61 pipe cleaners, putting about 5 locs on each pipe cleaner.  I washed my hair and put them in on slightly damp locs.  After I removed them, I pinned up the sides with one bobby pin at each side.  I am completely happy with how the pipe cleaner curls turned out on my hair.

I did find that the pipe cleaners seemed to want to stick to some locs.  To get the pipe cleaners out without ripping my hair, I found that beginning to unravel the pipe cleaner and then pulling at the base averted that problem.  Also, when I put the pipe cleaners in, I did so loosely.  I was afraid that if I wrapped them too tightly, my locs would fiercely cling to the pipe cleaners.

Has anyone else noticed how much pipe cleaners shed?  I thought I would have loads of little black pipe cleaner hairs sticking out of my micro locs.  Turns out, I haven’t noticed any.

pipe cleaner curls locs

curly locs with pipe cleaners

back of curly locs

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