By Terez Howard

Today’s hair style was inspired by Latrenia Bryant.  I planned on breaking out this hair style during my challenge.  You can find more of Latrenia’s awesome hair and photography skills at her blog.

I decided today was the day for a super simple style because:

  1. I just retightened the top of my hair,  and my scalp is sore.  (Styling has got to be simple for a few days).
  2. I have varying textures going on because of the last few day’s hair styles
  3. I thought it was time to show off a style that can be done on ANY loc length.

I removed my 3 braids from yesterday and tucked the rest of my locs into my tam.  All that can be seen is freshly retightened, braid-out hair.

I grabbed a tam I had in my closet and pinned a hair flower accessory to the tam for color.  Oh, how I long for spring!  The flower accessory has ridges on the clip, and I haven’t worn this flower since I got micro locs because those teeth can rip out growing locs.  It has a safety pin attached to it, in addition to a clip.  And, lightbulb!  I decided to pin it onto a hat.

The lesson:  If you have old, unused accessories lying around the house, re-purpose them into something you can use to look cute!

loc hat

loc flower

winter locks

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