By Terez Howard

This shows some of the accessories as well as materials I will be using to make accessories this month.  Can you guess some of the things I will be making?  I have plans to make some loc ties and flower clips.  You will note the pipe cleaners, which are not accessories at all.  They will be used to achieve tight curls.  And the bobby pins?  Well, bobby pins are becoming my hair’s new best friend.locs accessories

Items purchased thus far are:

  • Bobby pins, $0.98
  • Flower, $1.39
  • Hair pipe beads, $3.28
  • Black elastic cord, $3.97
  • Purple wooden doughnut bead, $1.19
  • Square shell doughnut bead, $1.99
  • Blue shell doughnut bead, $1.99
  • Bead assortment, $3.99
  • White bead pendant, $1
  • 75 pipe cleaners, $2.31

Dollars spent thus far: $23.41 (with tax)

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