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Naturalicious Hair Style: The Creative Double Bun

By Terez Howard When I saw Fuesha’s photo on Nappturality, I had to show this off here.  I’ve never before seen such a creative bun.   Related Posts:A Random Style On My LocsA Unique Micro Locs Updo HairstyleDay 27: A Unique Natural Hair Style For Micro LocsDay 15: It’s Turban Time!Day 13: Locs In A French Roll With A Curly Pompadour

What’s That Stench? Is It My LOCS?!

By Terez Howard Do your locs stink?  Well, do they harbor an unpleasant smell?  Does the smell get worse when you wet your locs?  Do they emit a sour aroma or seem to trap scents around them? Locs can and will smell badly if they are not cared for properly.  Mold can form and grow in your natural hair if make a habit of sleeping on sopping wet locs.  That mold can produce a sour smell that can lock up along with your hair. Additionally, some lockers report smells, like sweat, cigarette smoke, or other funky odors, getting trapped in their locs.  While some of these smells will inevitably get in your hair (such as after a visit at your
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My Sisterlocks Retightening Video Got Shut Down!

By Terez Howard Some of you might have seen my Youtube video outlining how I retighten my Sisterlocks.  After it had been up for a week, I received an e-mail from Sisterlocks Training Supervisor (STS, for short) regarding my video. Here’s what she said: “It has been discovered that you have placed a video on line showing how to re-tighten Sisterlocks.  This video is a direct violation of the Sisterlocks Trademark Agreement that you had to have signed when you took the re-tightening class.  By signing this agreement you agreed not to divulge “how-to” information about Sisterlocks to anyone. Please remove this video from the internet.  You are currently in jeopardy of not being able to purchase anymore Sisterlocks tools
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Do Your Wet Locs Take An Eternity To Dry? Try This…

By Terez Howard You should never go to bed with wet locs lest you want the possibility of moldy locs.  That’s right.  You can build up mildew and mold in your locked hair.  Not only that, locs can harbor moldy smells because you went to bed with soaking wet locs. Interestingly, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), mold spores float through indoor and outdoor air.  They grow on wet, moisture-ridden surfaces.  That means that once mildew and mold forms in your hair, it can grow! You can prevent this from happening by making sure your natural hair is dry before you go to bed.  I personally try to get my hair about 75 percent dry.  I don’t think that
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Naturalicious Hair Style: Short Locs’ Side Sweep

By Terez Howard The side sweep is perfect for shorter locs.  I love the sophistication this locked hair style emits. Related Posts:Day 20: Loc and Roll Hair Style