By Terez Howard

I’m preparing for a fun month of 29 natural hair styles.  In case you haven’t heard, I plan on doing a different natural hair style for every day in February, and I will not spend more than $29 on hair accessories.  You can find the rules of my 29 styles, 29 days, $29 challenge here.

To get ideas, I have been combing the Internet to find simple yet creative hair styles.  Remember, I don’t have the length that many mature lockers have.  To get an idea of the length on my micro locs, check out my length here.  I consider my hair to be short.

I have compiled a few inspirational photos that I plan to mimic next month.  If you have any ideas for me, shoot me an e-mail at

pin curls updo

Source: Black Women Natural Hairstyles


Source: Chescalocs

curls with hat

Source: Latrenia Bryant Photography

bantu knots

Source: Curly Nu Growth

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