By Terez Howard

Welcome to my 29 Styles, 29 Days, $29 challenge!

29 natural hair styles by me
29 days, a new hair style for every day in February
$29 to spend in hair accessories

I decided to do this challenge to encourage others with locs – be they traditional locs, freeform dreadlocks, micro locs, braid locs, whatever – to enjoy styling natural hair.  Our hair is very versatile, and this challenge will prove just that.

In addition, my micro locs just hit the bottom of my neck, which I consider to be on the shorter side in the locked community.  We short-haired lockers are not limited to just a few styles.  I’m going to think of 29!

Here are the rules:

  1. I will post a different hair style on this blog every day in February.
  2. I have to actually do the hair style, and I am not a professional hair stylist.
  3. I will not spend more than $29 in hair accessories.  That means I will be making some accessories, even with my absence of craftiness.
  4. I will give myself a surprise award if when I successfully complete my challenge.

Prepare to be inspired!

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