By Terez Howard

Do your locs stink?  Well, do they harbor an unpleasant smell?  Does the smell get worse when you wet your locs?  Do they emit a sour aroma or seem to trap scents around them?

Locs can and will smell badly if they are not cared for properly.  Mold can form and grow in your natural hair if make a habit of sleeping on sopping wet locs.  That mold can produce a sour smell that can lock up along with your hair.

Additionally, some lockers report smells, like sweat, cigarette smoke, or other funky odors, getting trapped in their locs.  While some of these smells will inevitably get in your hair (such as after a visit at your smoking uncle’s house), you can successfully rid yourself of these smells.  You don’t have to live with the stench forever.

Getting rid of bad smells in locs

The source of smelly locs is bacteria, or in the case of mold, fungi.  So you can’t purge the smells with flowery perfume because those will only cover them up and probably not very effectively.  To get rid of bad smells, you must remove the source, the bacteria or fungi.

Listerine or Sea Breeze.  These products kill bacteria.  Saturate your locs in either of these products and allow the product to sit on the hair for 20 minutes.  Follow up by a thorough rinse.

Vodka. Add a bit of vodka to your shampoo to detoxify your locs.  A solvent, alcohol removes inorganic and organic matter from your hair.  So, vodka goes to the root source of smelly hair.

Dawn dish liquid.  Give your hair a good scrub with some Dawn.  The antibacterial agent used in the dish liquid can prevent bacteria from growing.  To use Dawn, use it as you would any shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

* Note: Realize that Listerine, Sea Breeze, vodka and Dawn will all dry your hair out.  So after you treat your hair for stink, treat your hair for dryness.  You don’t want to trade smelly locs for dry locs.  Do a hot oil treatment or slather on some coconut oil.  Do something to infuse some moisture back into your locs.

The sun.  The sun is a natural bacteria-killer.  Think about getting a gorgeous yet musty piece of second-hand furniture.  What do you do with it?  Let it air out in the sun.  Air your locs out in the sun to kill the bacteria making your hair stink.

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