By Terez Howard

You should never go to bed with wet locs lest you want the possibility of moldy locs.  That’s right.  You can build up mildew and mold in your locked hair.  Not only that, locs can harbor moldy smells because you went to bed with soaking wet locs.

Interestingly, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), mold spores float through indoor and outdoor air.  They grow on wet, moisture-ridden surfaces.  That means that once mildew and mold forms in your hair, it can grow!

You can prevent this from happening by making sure your natural hair is dry before you go to bed.  I personally try to get my hair about 75 percent dry.  I don’t think that a little dampness will cause any harm.  In fact, when I do certain hair styles, such as roller sets and twist outs, I spritz my hair with water to help hold the style.  I do sleep on damp hair.  But, I’m talking about sopping wet hair.  That is what we need to avoid with our locs.

But what if your wet locs take an eternity to dry?

How to encourage wet locs to dry

Microfiber towels.  Invest in a few of these microfiber towels.  These soft as well as durable towels absorb water better than regular bath towels made from cotton.  While the microfiber material absorbs quickly, it remains lightweight.  Its extremely fine fibers actually pull water in and hold it there.  Microfiber towels also don’t shed lint like traditional cotton towels.

Take a walk in the sun.  This is especially useful if you live in an all-year-round warm climate.  The natural heat will dry your locs as well as give you healthy dose of Vitamin D, which can possibly promote hair growth.

A BRIEF sit under a hooded hair dryer.  For those of us that don’t have heat outside (and freezing like me in the midwest now!), using a little indirect heat can encourage wet locs to dry.  Don’t try to get your locs dried to the point where they’re crunchy.  Sit long enough to remove some of the dampness so that you won’t have to sleep on soaking wet locs.

Wash early and stay indoors.  If you plan on spending a day at home on frigid days, start the day out with a shampooing, giving your locs the entire day to dry.

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