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How You Can Style Your Loc Braid-Out
A Look At 29 Different Locs Styles

Dealing With The Frizzy Locs

By Terez Howard I have to admit that I’ve never had a problem with frizzy Sisterlocks.  While mature locked heads touted the idea that every set of locs goes through the inevitable frizzy stage, the possibility for that stage came and went in my case.  I had prepared myself to experience a temporary love-hate relationship with my new locs when they got unbelievably frizzy.  I knew what I was going to do if I couldn’t stand the sight of them for a couple months.  But I never saw one frizzy loc on my head. I was actually worried that the absence of frizz meant my hair wasn’t locking properly.  A Sisterlocks trainee mentioned that my natural curl pattern was the
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A Bantu Knotted, Flat Twisted Locs Hair Style

By Terez Howard Here is how I wore my hair for a special occasion: I put a few flat twists on the side of my head and secured them with rubber bands.  I loved how neat they looked, but they were entirely too tight.  They came out shortly after these pictures were taken.  I actually tied my locs together in the back to pull them up.  I wasn’t very comfortable with their security level, so I added 2 bobby pins to ensure my hair wouldn’t come down at some random moment.   The following shots show how I started.  (Please excuse the lack of make-up).  I grabbed random sections of hair and two-strand twisted my Sisterlocks.  I twisted the locs
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Naturalicious Hair Style

By Terez Howard I absolutely love this hair style.  I will definitely rock this look on my much shorter locs.  Check out more of Latrenia’s stylish photos at her blog. Source: Latrenia Bryant Photography   Related Posts:No Related Posts

How To Cope With A Dry, Itchy Scalp And Dandruff In Locs

By Terez Howard Dry scalp and dandruff oftentimes go hand-in-hand.  Sometimes, the root of dandruff is a dry scalp.  However, this is not a hard and fast rule.  I learned this from personal experience.  I have dandruff that falls from my head like snow, but a Sisterlocks consultant told me that my scalp was very well moisturized. The test to see if your scalp is moisturized: Rub your fingertips through your scalp.  If you feel a light oilness, then your natural sebum is working fine.  That’s what I felt. So, although itchy, dry scalp and dandruff appear together in this article, one doesn’t necessarily cause the other.  Dry scalp and dandruff in locs can be caused by a number of
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Help! My Locs Always Have Unmanicured, Puffy Roots

By Terez Howard Unmanicured, puffy roots might have been something you expected when you locs were due for a retwist.  But the constant battle with puffy roots was not something you expected to see on a daily basis.  What can you do with that unmanicured look? 1. Retwist more frequently, but not too frequently.  If you are only doing loc maintenance once every couple months and can’t stand your puffy roots, perhaps you should start doing your retwist/palm rolling every month.  I would not recommend tending to your roots more than that because frequent retwisting can weaken your locs and possibly cause breakage. 2. Start latching.  Latching with the use of a latch hook creates a definite tight pattern in
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