By Terez Howard

When you start locs, you might find more scalp showing than you’re used to seeing.  But, most healthy locked heads find that their natural hair fills in very well after the locs mature.  Yet some areas, such as around the hairline, might remain on the thin side.  I personally have an area on my head that has been thin for as long as I can remember.  I think I had a bad experience with a pressing comb and fed into the problem by trying to get that region of my scalp bone straight to cover the thin area.  That meant more heat and more thinning scalp issues.

Besides direct heat, others have developed a thinning scalp from relaxer chemicals, tightly braided hair styles, or pony tails pulled incredibly tautly.  On the other hand, some forms of natural hair loss are out of your control, like aging, genetics and stress.  If you do believe you have a medical disorder that is contributing to your thinning hair, a trip to the doctor is merited.  If you have caused your thinning scalp or do have a medical condition, you would probably agree that it’s time to treat your scalp with some tender care.

What to do about a thinning scalp

Don’t retwist/retighten too frequently.  If you constantly are tending to new growth, say every other week, this will stress your scalp and cause thinning.  Let’s say you don’t retighten that frequently.  But when you do, you retighten your hair so tightly that your scalp aches horribly.  Over time, this can cause thinning.

Keep styles a little loose.  I love a cute updo, complete with flat twists and rolled locs, just like the next girl.  But if those twists are too tight for the sake of making the style last, it can thin out your natural hair.

What size are your locs?  If your locs are too large for you, the weight can put pressure on your scalp.  That pressure will cause thinning in the scalp.  You can trim locs that are too heavy, especially those around the hairline.  You might even consider growing a smaller set of locs.  If your locs are too small, there might not be enough hair for them to hang on.  You could combine locs that don’t have a strong base.

So, those 3 things aren’t a problem with your locs?  What can you do to promote growth in a thinning scalp?

Try this:

Scalp massages.  A daily scalp massage increases blood circulation and lengthens the growing phase of the hair cycle.  A scalp massage can stimulate hair growth.

Grab some essential oils Rosemary oil has specifically been known to stimulate hair growth.  It  dilates blood vessels and stimulates cell division. This process then stimulates hair follicles to grow, producing new hair.  Lavender oil and jojoba oil also aid in hair growth.  Just be sure to dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil or with just plain water.

Have a healthy diet.  Some great food for hair growth include green, leafy vegetables, beans and whole grains.  A proper, balanced diet supplies your body with what it needs for your hair to grow.

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