By Terez Howard

Here is how I wore my hair for a special occasion:

sisterlocks hair style

I put a few flat twists on the side of my head and secured them with rubber bands.  I loved how neat they looked, but they were entirely too tight.  They came out shortly after these pictures were taken.  I actually tied my locs together in the back to pull them up.  I wasn’t very comfortable with their security level, so I added 2 bobby pins to ensure my hair wouldn’t come down at some random moment.

sisterlocks with flat twists  sisterlocks hair back

The following shots show how I started.  (Please excuse the lack of make-up).  I grabbed random sections of hair and two-strand twisted my Sisterlocks.  I twisted the locs around themselves and secured them through the little hole the knots created.  The knots had no rubber bands.

bantu knots  flat twists

sisterlocks knots  messy knots

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