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Black Hair Growth Products You Need To Grow Long, Healthy, Natural Hair

By Terez Howard Black hair growth products should not be looked at as a miracle cure to growing natural hair.  Traditional black hair care, including chemical relaxers and excess use of heat, cause damage and breakage.  Even some natural hair care, such as tight braiding, can prove detrimental to your fragile strands. If you want your hair to be long and healthy, black hair growth products can be used. These include hair growth supplements, hair vitamins and hair growth treatments, such as a protein treatment or moisture treatment. You must also maintain a regular, gentle hair care regimen. We have been programmed to pull and stretch our hair into ways that prevent it from growing long.  Natural oils, like castor
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How To Prevent Natural Hair Loss With Preventive Techniques

By Terez Howard When you feel like your shower drain has more hair in it than your head, you will be ready to try anything to keep your hair in your head and regrow what you’ve lost.  Natural hair loss can be a sickening experience.  Medical conditions and improper hair care can halt hair growth, make hair break and fall out. A woman experiencing natural hair loss can turn to various hair growth products, treatments and remedies.  She should also enact hair loss prevention techniques so that she does not hinder the benefits from hair growth products, treatments and remedies.  Before discussing what you can do to prevent natural hair loss, let’s examine a few of its causes. Different Types
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Build Strength In Your Natural Hair With Cost-Effective Natural Hair Treatments

By Terez Howard Natural hair treatments build strength in natural hair.  A hot oil treatment can take dry hair and make it soft and strong, while sealing in moisture.  When you deep condition natural black hair and create hair masks, you also help your hair to grow because it becomes less prone to breakage. Hot oil treatments can include using the following types of oils with a shower cap: olive oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and rosemary oil.  By following these natural hair treatments, you will find that healthy, black hair care does not have to cost much money. Natural Hair Treatments With Oil Hot oil treatments stimulate the scalp, restore natural hair’s oils and make strands more
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Natural Hair Vitamins Stimulate Hair Growth

You want long, healthy, natural hair.  A proper, gentle natural hair care regimen helps.  But, natural hair vitamins can help to stimulate hair growth and regrowth.  The best natural hair vitamins are composed of ingredients that not only grow long hair but also supply your body with necessary nutrients to improve your overall health. A hair growth vitamin, also called a hair growth supplement, should contain amino acids, wheat germ, folic acid and iron supplements to give you healthy hair. The average hair growth rate is 6 inches per year.  For some, this is greater, and for others this amount is less.  Your hair growth rate is determined by your genes.  So you cannot make your hair grow faster.  You
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Natural Hair Straightening Products Necessary To Straightening Your Natural Hair

By Terez Howard Natural hair is wonderfully versatile.  You can wear it in braids, twists, Bantu knots, cornrows, a big fro and even straighten your hair.  I personally do not recommend straightening hair because direct heat on natural hair can cause irreversible damage that can only be solved by cutting the hair and starting over.  In my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros.  However, if you choose to occasionally straighten your natural hair, you should be aware of natural hair straightening products that will help you to avoid hair damage. To straighten black natural hair, you can use direct heat in the form of a pressing comb, flat iron, blow dryer or other styling tool that sits directly on your
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