By Terez Howard

Organic black hair products help women to achieve new heights with their natural hair.  Scalp problems, hair loss and dry hair issues melt away with the use of certified organic ingredients, such as essential oils and extracts from natural plants.  Be aware that an organic hair product can be named such if there is just one natural/organic component.

Organic black hair products tend to cost more than ones ridden with harmful chemicals.  However, truly organic black hair products will contain the vitamins and ingredients needed to heal and nourish your natural black hair, give it strength and help it to grow healthy.  Most organic black hair products are fragrance-free and should contain no synthetic ingredients.  The absence of these two types of ingredients reduces the possibility of allergic reactions, like an itchy, flaky scalp.

Where can you find the best organic black hair products for natural hair?  I researched and reviewed three companies which deliver high quality products, specifically designed to treat, strengthen, nourish and moisturize our unique, natural hair.


The Curls line caters to multi-ethnic hair types, from loose curls to tight coils.  Curls’ organic black hair products include shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, styling products and kid-friendly organic products.  Curls’ products are infused with natural ingredients, such as mango, aloe leaf juice and murmur butter.

I personally appreciate how the Curls website lists all of its product ingredients.  You can see several certified organic components in the hair products, not just a couple.  The difference between certified organic and just plain organic is that a certified organic product has been grown within strict guidelines of a particular state or private organization.  Organic products are grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, are minimally processed and have no artificial preservatives or ingredients.  Basically, “certified organic” has to follow stringent guidelines, and “organic” does not.

Some, not all, of the Curls organic black hair products have fragrance.  So, check the ingredient list before you buy if you’re looking to avoid fragrance.

Treasured Locks

Treasured Locks specializes in “high quality, natural and hard to find products” in its hair and skin care supply system.  This company focuses on healing hair with special needs, such as scalp problems, dry hair and hair loss.  Treasured Locks offers a selection of hair products that it feels confident will work well on natural hair.

The Treasured Locks hair care line, which also lists all of its ingredients, includes essential oils, extracts and other natural ingredients.  However, I did not see any certified organic hair components within the Treasured Locks line, and some hair products had no organic ingredients.

Interestingly, Treasured Locks carries other brands on its website, such as Shea Moisture and Black Earth Products, companies that sell black hair products with natural ingredients.


Ebene skin and hair products are made by hand and include natural oils, herbs, butters and essential oils.  Since these organic black hair products are made by hand, there are no artificial fillers or chemicals in them.  Ebene admits that the handmade process might make for some variations in products but promises each weekly, small batch to be made with fresh ingredients.

While most hair products from Ebene show the natural ingredients on the website, some products seem to omit ingredients with words “lots of other…” ingredients.  You definitely recognize nearly all, if not all, of the names of the ingredients on the product labels, which I think is a rarity in black hair care products.

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