You want long, healthy, natural hair.  A proper, gentle natural hair care regimen helps.  But, natural hair vitamins can help to stimulate hair growth and regrowth.  The best natural hair vitamins are composed of ingredients that not only grow long hair but also supply your body with necessary nutrients to improve your overall health.

A hair growth vitamin, also called a hair growth supplement, should contain amino acids, wheat germ, folic acid and iron supplements to give you healthy hair.

The average hair growth rate is 6 inches per year.  For some, this is greater, and for others this amount is less.  Your hair growth rate is determined by your genes.  So you cannot make your hair grow faster.  You can take natural hair vitamins that will stimulate hair growth as well as apply moisturizing products that penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen the hair.  With any natural hair vitamins, check with your physician to make sure they are proper to take with other medications and are right for you.

The following ingredients can be found in natural hair vitamins or can be purchased separately in their purest form.  A blend of certain ingredients can produce the best hair growth results.

Amino Acids in Natural Hair Vitamins

“Hair follicles require a constant supply of amino acids via the blood stream to maintain hair growth,” according to  The composition of hair follicles have some of the quickest dividing and growing cells in the body.  That means their vitamin, mineral, energy and amino acid consumption is high.  If you are not taking in enough essential amino acids, then natural hair follicles might have a lowered ability to make hair fiber.

A well-balanced diet will give you the amino acids you need.  But if you want to ensure your body is getting enough amino acids to stimulate hair growth, then you would need to get essential amino acids.  The most common amino acid found in hair is cysteine.  Others include histidine, isoleucine, lysine, leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, theronine, tryptophan and valine.

Wheat Germ

What can wheat germ in natural hair vitamins do to reduce hair loss and stimulate natural hair growth?  Wheat germ is believed to contain Vitamin B3, which aids in improving scalp circulation.  This can prevent hair loss.

Wheat germ also is a source of Vitamin E, which can improve your natural hair’s elasticity and maintain your scalp’s oil balance.  That means you will not only grow long hair, but also healthy hair.

Wheat germ also benefits natural hair because it contains zinc, which naturally stimulates hair growth.

Folic Acid

Folic acid, also known as folate or Vitamin B9, is one of the most important natural hair vitamins.  It occurs naturally in green leafy vegetables, like spinach, fruit and liver.

Hair loss can be caused by an insufficient amount of B vitamins in your body.  Folic acid carries oxygen to various parts of the body, including the hair.  The constancy in the supply of blood and oxygen in the scalp and hair provides nourishment for strong, healthy hair as well as maintains color and thickness.

Too much folic acid can be harmful, but the right amount can start to show results in 3 to 4 months.

Iron Supplements  

Low iron levels and an iron deficiency can cause hair loss.  To stimulate hair growth and regrowth, take iron supplements or eat foods rich in iron, such as legumes, fish, potatoes, grain, green leafy veggies or dried fruits.

These natural hair vitamins should be taken with caution since an iron overdose can actually cause hair loss.

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