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Shampoo for natural black hair helps to keep the scalp as well as your natural hair clean.  When regular washes are part of your natural hair care routine, your hair and scalp will be free from dust and pollution.  Black hair growth can only occur when the pores on the head are not clogged from build-up or improper products.

African American hair care not only includes shampoo for natural black hair, but also conditioner to lock in the moisture that your hair needs, a moisturizers (like shea butter or essentials oils) and a satin pillow case.  These products combined give your natural black hair the environment needed to grow long and healthy.

Ingredients To Avoid In Shampoo For Natural Black Hair

The best way to spot the best shampoo for natural black hair is to understand which ingredients are detrimental to natural African American hair care.  Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.  These two ingredients, found in most shampoos, produce those bubbles we crave.  But these ingredients dry out natural hair and can even cause eye irritations.

A report found in the Journal of The American College of Toxicology in 1983 showed that concentrations as low as 0.5 percent could cause irritation, and concentrations of 10 to 30 percent caused severe irritation and skin corrosion.

Mineral oil is an ingredient found in numerous products marketed toward African American hair care.  Yes, it is an emollient (has the power to soften), but mineral oil also also inhibits the skin from breathing.  It clogs pores, and the end result is ironically dry scalp and hair.

Another drying ingredient to natural hair is alcohol in all its forms, which includes SD alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, ethanol and denatured alcohol.  All of these products dry the hair.

So what makes the best shampoo for natural black hair to promote black hair growth?

Finding The Best Shampoo For Natural Black Hair

Basically, the best shampoo for natural black hair does not have the harsh cleansing agents that other shampoos contain.

Dudu-osun African Black Soap (100% Pure) Pack of 4

– You can use this soap as shampoo for natural black hair. It contains ingredients, such as honey, shea butter and aloe vera, which all promote a wonderful natural hair care routine. Those ingredients moisturize the hair, while keeping pores unclogged and clean. This often is used when women loc their hair.

Gary Null – Heavenly Hair Cleanser, 16 fl oz liquid

– Wash your natural hair with this shampoo when you’re looking for ingredients that naturally soften the hair. Some good ones include aloe vera, jojoba oil, olive oil and vegetable glycerine, a humectant (moisture retainer and lubricant).

Follow Up A Shampoo For Natural Black Hair With…

A moisturizing conditioner.  This will lock in all the wonderful moisture that best shampoo generated in your natural hair.
More moisturizer.  Products like shea butter and essential oils keep your scalp and natural hair retaining moisture, which our hair so desperately needs.
A satin pillow case or scarf.  What makes this important?  Cotton, the fabric most pillow cases are made from, saps the hair of all its moisture.  When you lay on one for hours on end, all that work you put into having moisturized natural hair will go down the tubes.  Satin and silk do not absorb moisture.

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