By Terez Howard

Healthy natural hair may or may not need a natural hair brush. When I went natural, I found myself using a hair brush less and less. No longer did I brush my hair twice a day or do the Marcia Brady thing, counting 100 strokes with a hair brush. I do not have Marcia Brady hair! Most natural black women don’t.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t need a natural hair brush, though. A boar bristle hair brush and a Denman hair brush have their places in a natural’s beauty cabinet. One of these brushes can make natural hair smooth and shiny, and the other can detangle knotted strands. Both promote good hair care when used properly.

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

The boar bristle hair brush is used to smooth down natural hair. This natural hair brush is not meant to detangle hair. Knots and tangles actually will remain and even get stuck in the brush. Its soft bristles, made from wild hog hair, attract dirt and dust, thus removing these foreign particles from your hair.

The bristles on this natural hair brush spread sebum, the hair’s natural oils on the scalp, helping to unclog pores on the scalp. It’s best to use a boar bristle hair brush after your natural hair is freshly washed. Personally, I used my boar bristle hair brush after spreading clear gel on my hair.

To get that sleek, pulled back puff, use a boar bristle hair brush after you put product on your hair. When it is still wet from a wash and product, tie a satin scarf around the edges and allow it to dry, either by air or under a hooded dryer. After you remove it, your edges will look smooth and gorgeous.

The Denman
If you’ve researched the online black natural hair care scene for any length of time, you have heard about the Denman brush. Some naturals love it, and others hate it. How can you tell if this natural hair brush is right for you?

First, you must know that not all Denman brushes are the same. They are not all ideal for natural hair. The best Denman brand natural hair brushes are the D31, D41 or the D1431. All of these have between five to nine rows and are ideal for curly, kinky hair textures.

You can use a Denman brush to detangle the hair. It works best on small sections of hair. Work from the tips and gradually make your way to the roots.

On the other hand, you can use this natural hair brush after you have detangled your natural hair with a wide tooth comb. The Denman can serve the purpose of evenly distributing your product.

How To Keep Your Natural Hair Brush Clean

  1. First remove any straggly hairs from your natural hair brush.
  2. Run water over the brush, while combing dust and dirt out of the bristles with a comb.
  3. Soak the natural hair brush in water mixed with cleaning agent or shampoo.
  4. Allow to air dry, bristles down, on a towel. Do not use until the natural hair brush is completely dried.


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