By Terez Howard

Why do you want to smooth the hair’s cuticle anyways?  The hair cuticle is the outer layer in a strand of hair.  A smooth cuticle means that your natural hair will look smooth, instead of frizzy.  This is where a wide tooth comb comes in.  A wide tooth comb works on black natural hair better than most brushes.  When a bushy brush will frizz the hair while detangling it, a wide tooth comb will detangle and smooth the hair cuticle.

A wide tooth comb easily glides through natural hair when it is used properly.  The best time to detangle the coilest of hair textures is when it is sopping wet, covered in conditioner, in the shower.  Part the hair into 8 to 10 manageable sections, creating loose two-strand twisted buns.  The buns will keep unused hair out of your way.

How To Use Your Wide Tooth Comb

  1. Remove one of your buns, and grasp just above the ends of your hair.
  2. Comb through the ends.  Be very gentle with the ends.  This is the oldest part of the hair.  If you find several tangles here, then it is time for a trim.
  3. Move your hand up your hair and comb down through the hair, from the middle to the end, until that portion of hair is thoroughly detangled.
  4. Now it’s time to move up to the root.  Use your wide tooth comb to detangle this hair.
  5. Put your hair back into that loose bun and move on to each section of hair.

Tip: If you find very stubborn knots, put your wide tooth comb down and patiently remove these knots with your fingers.  If you rake through your fragile strands, they will break off.

3 Wide Tooth Combs I Recommend

1. Curl Shower Detangler

This wide tooth easily glides through wet natural hair. I personally own this comb, and it works on my coily, 4b texture as well as my daughter’s looser 3c hair texture. It features different sized teeth, which I found a bit strange, but it works. I believe the trick to getting the most out of this comb, like other wide tooth combs, is using it on wet hair.

2. Diane Ionic Extra Wide Comb With Handle

This wide tooth comb has extra wide teeth. I’m not sure how much wider the teeth are than other combs, but from the pictures, it looks wider. That means that it is especially great for 4 hair textures. It will smooth the hair’s cuticle, and one Amazon reviewer said that this comb produced no static.

3. Sephora Collection Wide Tooth Comb

The major difference between this brand, and the two wide tooth combs above is that it does not have a handle. It smooths out tangles and knots and even can be used to evenly distribute freshly applied hair color. It will bring out your natural curls. Personally, I’m not a fan of combs that do not have handles. I find them awkward, and the teeth oftentimes get tangled in my other hair. But for some, perhaps those with a naturally smoother cuticle than mine, will find this wide tooth comb detangles well.

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