By Terez Howard

Natural black hair is versatile.  You can twist it, braid it, loc it, curl it and grow it long.  To achieve these natural hair styles, you need styling products that will accentuate you natural hair’s beauty.

You want natural hair care products that soften your black natural hair, like shea butter, aloe vera and essential oils.  You need conditioner that locks in moisture.  You might be able to skip shampoo for natural hair if you no poo, or you can pick up a less harsh hair cleanser, such as black soap.  Every natural should have a satin pillow case, scarf or bonnet to keep a style looking cute for as long as possible.  Satin or silk will also keep moisture in your hair, rather than suck it out, like cotton does.

Products for natural hair are numerous and react to different curl patterns in various ways.  Therefore, this article will give you an idea of which products to search for when styling your natural black hair.  Before you begin any style, cleanse the scalp and hair and use a moisturizing conditioner so that you have a fresh start.

When You Twist or Braid It

The best products for natural hair when you twist or braid it include those that will keep your hair style neat and smooth.  No matter what hair texture you have, your styling products should be thick, like custards, creams and gels.  Shea butter maintains twists and braids wonderfully.

The kinkier your natural black hair, then the more product you will have to use.  I personally have a mostly 4b texture and needed a greater quantity of product with my loose natural hair than my daughter’s mostly 3c texture.  But don’t go overboard.

Apply products for natural hair on soaking wet hair so that your hair can fully absorb them. This will reduce any flaking or build-up that might occur with an abundance of product.

When You Loc It

Different locs call for different styling products, and for some (like me with new Sisterlocks), nothing but water.  If you are starting locs at home, stay away from products like beeswax, butters or grease.  These products for natural hair will only attract dirt and dust, making your locs appear dull.

Black soap can be a great shampoo for locked natural hair.  It works well on sensitive skin and is much gentler than regular shampoo.  It softens locs as well.

Once your locs are mature, conditioning sprays and essential oils, like rosemary oil and jojoba oil, make excellent moisturizers and keep your locs from looking and feeling dry.

When You Curl It

A roller set anyone?  When you curl your hair, you will need specific products for natural hair that will hold the curls without a crunchy feeling.  Setting lotion is light and yet gives you that hold you need.  Gel also can work similarly, but use this hair care product sparingly.  Otherwise, you will get the crunchiness.

Shea butter can give you smooth, soft curls that shine.  However, in my experience, it does not give much hold.  Other great roller setting styling products include aloe vera gel or a curling custard.

When You Grow It Long

You don’t necessarily need a black hair growth product to grow long, natural hair.  A gentle, regular natural hair care routine will promote growth on its own.  Moisturizing products will keep the hair from getting dry and breaking off.

But, if you really want a hair growth product, try something natural, like emu oil, MSM or rosemary oil.  These natural ingredients are found in black hair growth products.  You can get the pure products and apply them directly to your scalp for maximum results.

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