By Terez Howard

If you palm roll your natural black hair, you will look cute. Palm rolling is one of the ways to grow dreadlocks. However, you can install palm rolls in your coily and curly hair as a protective hair style (a style which protects your ends).

A palm roll, also described as a finger roll or comb coil, resembles a coiled section of hair, about one inch or less in diameter. Using palm rolls to maintain dreadlocks is not only easy; it also is cheap since you can utilize this technique yourself without the use a loctician or expensive products.

How To Palm Roll Natural Black Hair

  1. With damp, clean hair, thoroughly detangle your hair in sections.
  2. Either part your hair with a comb or grab sections of hair.
  3. Apply a small amount of product. Gel or wax will hold the hair in a palm roll.
  4. Place the hair between the palms of your hand and roll it clockwise, starting at the root and finishing at the ends.  Or, place the hair between your index finger and thumb and roll in the same manner.  This is how you finger roll.  (With loose natural hair, you can use the pointy end a rat tail comb to make comb coils, which look exactly like palm rolls.  Simply twist the comb clockwise at the root as you glide it through to the hair’s end).
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you complete your entire head.

How To Palm Roll For Loc Maintenance

  1. Apply dread product to your loc. This product will aid in tightening the dread when you reach step 3.
  2. Grab the dread and place it between your palms.  Or, grab the loc between your index finger and thumb to finger roll.
  3. Rub the loc back and forth vigorously, compressing it as you rub.
  4. Continue this process until you tighten each dread.  You might want to have some clips or bands on hand to tie back locs you are not using.

Tip: According to Dread Head HQ, it is recommended to palm roll for 30 seconds each day with wax during the first month with dreadlocks.  Basically, the more you palm roll your new set of dreads, the faster your hair will loc.

What You Should Know About Palm Rolls In Natural Black Hair

If you decide to wear this hair style on your loose natural hair, realize that a palm roll will unravel once it is saturated with water.  So, it will only last until your next washing.

You can wear a palm roll out!  You can unravel your palm rolls, or finger rolls, with a rat tail comb’s pointy end.  Place the comb in the center of the palm roll at the scalp and glide it to the tip.  A palm roll out resembles a roller set, in my opinion.

If you palm roll as a maintenance routine for dreadlocks, you should realize that the best time to palm roll is on dry hair.  You can do so on wet hair, according to, but it isn’t as effective because loose hair will come out.

Palm rolling encourages dreads to be round, thus getting rid of lumps in the locs.

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