By Terez Howard

Wash and go hair once was only a dream to girls with natural hair.  Not anymore.  Straight headed ladies are not the only ones who can wash and wear their hair.  Absolutely any hair texture can wear wash and go hair and look beautiful.

Wash and go hair especially looks great on women with short hair.  This easy natural hair style can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  There are several methods and maintenance suggestions for wash and go hair.  However, a simple technique, which can be varied to suit your taste, is all that is needed.  By utilizing the following easy hair care routine, you too can love your natural texture.

Check out the Tamara’s cute wash and go hair pictured at right.  She creates a variety of other natural hair styles and provides helpful hair care tips at her award-nominated and top-ranking blog.

How To Create Cute Wash and Go Hair

  1. Wash your natural hair with shampoo or no poo, which means you do a conditioner wash.  Focus on your scalp.
  2. Detangle your hair. Do this in the shower with a wide tooth comb while it is either soaking wet or covered with product. Shampoo or conditioner helps the hair to slip through the comb more easily. Give attention to your ends first and slowly work up to the scalp.
  3. Rinse your hair with cool water.  This will reduce frizz in your wash and go hair by sealing your hair cuticle, which is the outermost part of the hair shaft.  Sealing this exterior hair layer with cool water thus reduces frizz.
  4. Apply your product to soaking wet hair.  Our natural hair likes to absorb product, just as it absorbs water.  This will help your style last a long time.  I preferred using Fantasia Styling Gel because it held my natural coils for days.  Apply it to sections of hair and either comb the product through or shingle hair.  The shingle technique means that you apply your product from root to ends, elongating your hair as you go.  When I shingled, I detangled any leftover knots and tangles at that time with my fingers.  I also twirled strands around my fingers to encourage my hair to coil.
  5. Style hair.  Decide what you want to do with your hair before it dries.  Pull it back in a puff.  Tie a scarf around it.  Or, let your curly fro go.  Once wash and go hair dries, it stays in place.
  6. Dry your hair.  You can either air dry, sit under a hooded dryer or use a handheld blow dryer.  Air drying is best since prolonged heat usage will damage our natural hair.  However, a hooded dryer, known as indirect heat which does not sit directly on your strands like a blow dryer, can be used to dry your hair.

Wash and Go Hair Tips

  • If your hair texture is prone to frizz on the sides and you want slick, smooth sides, tie a silk scarf around your head right after you apply your product.  Allow natural hair to dry completely before removing it.
  • To make wash and go hair last, sleep with a satin bonnet or scarf.  My hair lasted in this style for one week when I did this.
  • Do not touch your wash and go hair.  Your fingers will pull out your product, and your natural hair will frizz.
  • A part of your natural hair care routine should include a daily spritz of water or another moisturizer to keep curls and coils alive.
  • Do not reject your natural hair if your wash and wear hair does not turn out like someone else’s tresses. Most naturals have discovered their hair is unique. So, your hair texture probably isn’t quite the same as another’s, even if you two are considered to have the same natural hair type. Still, embrace what you have and experiment with products.
  • Gels will hold your natural hair style for days and are great for a kinkier hair texture.  On the other hand, cremes tend to hold looser curls best without a crunchy feeling.

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