By Terez Howard

Cornrow styles for women range from elegant to funky.  Cornrow braids are chic, powerful and can stay in the head for several weeks, while maintaining a fresh look.  Black natural hair and locs particularly respond well to cornrows since a kinky texture best keeps a tight (but not too tight!) cornrow.cornrow styles

Cornrow styles come in a variety of designs and patterns.  Cornrow braids can be coupled with other natural hair styles, like the afro, two-strand twists and palm rolls, to name a few.  This article will outline 4 cornrow styles for women.  However, these natural hair styles can be slightly altered to suit your taste and texture.

Cornrow Style No. 1: Half and Half

With this hair style, you braid half of your natural black hair in cornrows and leave the other half in an afro puff, twist out, braid out, etc.  This hair style can be accomplished on women with short natural hair, only a couple inches long.  Short naturals can simply cornrow the top half of the head back, maybe Bantu knot the ends, shake the loose hair and go.  A feminine hair style, the Half and Half hairdo looks beautiful on loose natural hair and locs.

Cornrow Style No. 2: Cover-all

This is one of the cornrow styles for women that is considered a protective hair style, meaning it shields the ends from the elements.  This style, which needs no touch-ups, also promotes growth because the hair remains undisturbed.  Cornrow braids are installed straight back, at an angle or with some other pattern.  Whatever style you choose, you have no loose natural hair.

This natural hair style is particularly wonderful for children.  Colorful beads are a nice touch for children.  This style can last for up to one week.

Cornrow Style No. 3: Fro-hawk

Cornrows are placed on the sides of the head, with the braids starting around the ears and stopping around the center region. When completed, this hair style resembles a mohawk, except the hair is not shaved on the sides; it is cornrowed. The hair in the center is an afro.

But this funky natural hair style does not have to just have a fro-like center.  It can be a braid out, braids, roller set curls, Bantu knots, palm rolls, twists or a twist out.  Depending on your length and the look you hope to achieve, you can rock the fro-hawk in a variety of ways.

Cornrow Style No. 4. The Accessory

Cornrow styles for women do not always have to include several small braids. A single cornrow across the hairline can be a quick way to jazz up an old hair style. Two cornrows braided around the ear to the crown of the head can keep unwanted strands out of your face. A few, large cornrows across the head, with the rest of the hair in a side puff, looks like a elaborate hair style, which really only takes 10 minutes to achieve.

Tips To Creating Amazing Cornrow Styles

When you are creating cornrow styles, you have to remember:

  • Use a firm hand.  Don’t let your hands loosely hold the hair.  Keep it tight.
  • Use the pointy side of a rat tail comb to make straight parts.
  • Separate the hair into three sections and braid right under left, right under left.
  • Grab hair as you go along.  Try to grab small portions of hair to create a neater cornrow.
  • Secure the ends with rubber bands or Bantu knots, or do not secure them at all.  But if you choose to not secure the ends, expect your cornrow to puff out a bit.
  • To make cornrow styles last for days, tie your hair down with a satin scarf at night.
  • If your cornrows start to itch, dab some witch hazel on a cotton swab and apply it to your scalp.  This will relieve some of the itching.  Witch hazel can be drying, though, so you should follow up with a light moisturizer.
  • Don’t be afraid to wash your hair in cornrow styles.  I’ve personally done this and maintained the style for an additional week.  Just be sure to wash the hair very gently.

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