By Terez Howard

After you get your big chop and you feel your healthy curls and coils springing up, you soon cannot wait for your hair to grow.  But, that might seem like an eternity.  What can you do with short natural hair?

This article outlines 7 short natural hair styles for the natural bored with the same old look.  African American hair is very versatile.  Embrace your low maintenance hair with the following natural hair styles: two strand twist, curly twist out, braids, braid out, cornrows, the fro and locs.

Short Natural Hair Style No. 1 – Two Strand Twist

You can two strand twist natural black hair with as little as one inch of hair.  With short hair, it’s easier to twist small sections of hair.  Since your hair isn’t very long, the small sections won’t take a long amount of time to complete.  There isn’t much hair to twist.

Jazz up a two strand twist hair style with a funky headband or a decorative flower or clip.  Be careful with metal teeth because these might pull out and damage natural black hair.

Short Natural Hair Style No. 2 – Curly Twist Out

Unravel two strand twists for a curly twist out.  This natural hair style looks particularly cute on short naturals.  Be sure your natural hair is completely dry before removing your twists.

Then, rock that curly twist out!  It will look cute for one week.

Short Natural Hair Style No. 3 – Braids

Once again, just one inch of hair is all you need for braids with your natural hair.  You don’t have to add weave to your braids.  Be proud of your beautiful, natural hair.  Add a little styling gel or olive oil to your braids to keep them moist.

Braids can last at least two weeks, depending on your hair texture.  In general, the tighter the coil, the longer the style will last.  Looser curls tend to frizz faster.

Short Natural Hair Style No. 4 – Braid Out

Like the curly twist out, the braid out is an unraveling of an already existing natural hair style.  Smaller braids produce a more defined braid out, and larger ones create a less defined, more afro-ish braid out.

If you started with a defined braid out and you want more volume, gently divide chunks of hair.  It might frizz a bit, but it will definitely make your hair bigger.

Short Natural Hair Style No. 5 – Cornrows

Length does not have as much to do with creating beautiful cornrows as does the texture hair you have.  A kinkier hair texture has an easier time in cornrows, while a silkier hair texture will be likely to slip out of cornrows.  So, if you have a tight, course hair texture, you can wear cornrows sooner than someone with a straighter texture.

Note: The two strand twist, braids and cornrows are all considered protective hair styles.  These short natural hair styles protect your ends, eliminate the need for manipulation, thus promoting growth.

Short Natural Hair Style No. 6 – The Fro

No matter what length your hair is, you can be happy to wear the traditional fro.  You can let your hair shrink after a wash or pick it out.  Either way, a fro is an old standby for short naturals.

If you want to wear a curly fro, place product (such as styling gel or cream) on your hair after you wash, and it is still sopping wet.  Your natural black hair will respond by drying and curling in its natural state.  This is a fun way to discover what your hair texture is truly like, especially if you haven’t seen it in a while.

Short Natural Hair Style No. 7 – Locs

If you want long, natural, healthy hair, locs might be the way to go.  Those are some of the reasons that I chose to get Sisterlocks installed in my hair.  As little as one to two inches of hair are needed to start locs.  Since you do not manipulate them by combing and pulling, you are very likely to grow long natural hair.

While locs do require care, this short natural hair style is very low maintenance, especially in the beginning.  You should do very little styling, in fact, to encourage the hair to loc naturally.

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