By Terez Howard

I have officially donned Sisterlocks for one year.

What I’ve learned:

  1. Watching my Sisterlocks every day does not reveal much change.  Growth and maturity occur over time.
  2. I have a soft hair texture, and I have not fully locked yet.  I thought that I would have been fully locked well before one year because my loose natural hair coiled very tightly.  My consultant thought it would only take 9 months.  But at the end of one year, I have very coily ends and still braid and band.
  3. Styling short locs makes the journey fun.
  4. I don’t need any moisturizer.  My scalp produces plenty of sebum.  My only moisturizer is a daily spritz of water.
  5. I have a very flaky scalp, but not a dry one.  Shampoo lifts flakes from my scalp, which calm after a couple days.
  6. Nappturality is a wonderful, helpful community for ladies with locked hair.  My questions have been answers swiftly at Nappturality.
  7. It might seem that 310 Sisterlocks is a low number in the world of Sisterlocks.  But it takes a long time to retighten 310 locs on your own!  I took the Sisterlocks retightening class and retightened my hair for the first time.

Check out my Youtube video showing my first year with Sisterlocks.

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